Intercom communication systems have been an integral part of business and residential properties for many years and their value goes without saying. Intercoms are a requirement for any building with access or perimeter control and allows visitors, couriers, tradesmen etc the means to communicate with either reception or another designated person. In the past intercoms were limited to a basic audio and video system generally isolated to a single handset.

As technology has moved on intercoms have changed to suit many different applications:

  • IP and VoIP Intercoms using existing network infrastructure
  • IP Phone System integration
  • Telephonic Intercoms (where traditional wiring has failed or cannot be run)
  • GSM Intercoms (where traditional and telephonic systems cannot be used)
  • 2 wire Analog System (to upgrade and replace older systems using existing wiring)

All premises have their own individual intercom requirements, and finding the best solution may require expert advice driven by the client and refined with our experience.

ICE Security specialise in Shopping Centres, Apartment Complexes, Corporate Offices and Commercial Centres and offer a comprehensive range of intercom technologies. We can ensure that the best solution is provided for your business. Whether you need initial consultation and advice on intercoms at the design and build stage, or repairs and upgrades to an existing issue, we will work with you to provide systems that are reliable and flexible. We are specialists with upgrading and future proofing systems. Whatever your requirement – from simple standalone systems for single entry point to complex multi-access installations with IT and phone system integration – we can keep your communications lines open.

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