CCTV has become a primary security resource complimenting Access Control and Intruder Security Systems and in many cases are able to seamlessly integrate to a growing list of partner products. The benefits of CCTV are seen everywhere from basic deterants like CCTV warning signs to critical evidential video footage in serious crimes.

CCTV solutions are economical and practical and can be used as more than surveillance tools:

  • Monitoring health and safety practices and procedures
  • Safety of staff, contractors and visitors
  • Public space monitoring
  • Proactive monitoring and reporting of License Plate Recognition 
  • Analytic functions such as people counting, wrong way indicators and over speed

ICE Security specialise in CCTV for Shopping Centres, Apartment Complexes, Corporate Offices and Public Spaces. We offer a comprehensive range of CCTV technologies and can ensure that the best solution is provided for your business. Whether you need initial consultation and advice on CCTV at the design and build stage, or repairs and upgrades to an existing or aging system, we will work with you to provide systems that are reliable and flexible. Whatever your requirement – from simple standalone systems for single cameras to complex installations with multiple recording servers, smart phone access and building integration – we can keep an eye on your business.

​ICE Security are installers of only high quality CCTV product which are locally distributed. We are proud to support brands such as Panasonic, Samsung, Digifort, Network Optix, AXIS and Hikvision.

CCTV Cameras