If your building has a compliance schedule, you will need an Independent Qualified Person (IQP) to carry out or supervise inspections, maintenance and reporting procedures on your specified systems, and provide a Form 12A each year. An IQP is a person whom the council has confirmed as qualified to inspect, maintain and report on each specified systems in accordance with the requirements, and to certify that these procedures have been followed.

As per the Building Act 2004 it is the owner’s responsibility to:

​Ensure that inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures are carried out where required by any compliance schedule for specified system that:

​all necessary inspections, maintenance and reporting are done by an appropriately qualified person

  • the compliance schedule is readily available for inspection by authorised persons
  • a current warrant of fitness is prepared and displayed

ICE Security are especially equipped to assist with both S3.1 (Automatic Doors) and S3.2 (Access Controlled Doors), making us one of only a few specialist security companies in this field.

Planned Preventative Maintenance of your security equipment is the last and probably most important function of your security company. Ensuring that your asset is well maintained, monitored and accurately updated could save you thousands of dollars after the warrantees have expired. Putting a maintenance plan in place specifies which parts of the systems will be serviced and when – taking this responsibility away from the owner.

In addition to Planned Preventative Maintenance ICE Security also offer the following:

ICE Security will customise a Planned Preventative Maintenance agreement for your site including Access Control, Intruder SecurityAutomatic DoorsCCTV and IQP's. In order for us to make this as simple as possible for quarterly and half yearly servicing - we can provide a monthly cost incorporating all your requirements.

​Qualified technicians, safe working practices and the ability to make running repairs on the spot, ensure that ICE Security - keep your assets running and your property compliant.

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