The SaferCity Grid is connecting high value, real time video assets that exist today in our cities, from both public and private sources, so that they can be accessed and shared by first responders, command and control, national security and governance stakeholders.

We deliver converged real-time, on demand video sources from the SaferCity Cloud to Public Safety services on PC and mobile devices. CCTV streams can be viewed on the device at the time when they are of most value to key stakeholders.

The SecuroGroup Convergence Service is a key component of SaferCity initiatives of which key features include:

  • Provides ‘Eyes on the Street’ for authorised responders under appropriate engagement models

  • Enables Police access to existing public facing CCTV Cameras across government, transport, council & private organisations

  • Provides SaferCity members and Police a friendly consistent, easy to use, web based interface.

  • Provides visual verification to assist decision making and prioritisation in Police District Command Centres (DCC) and Police Communications Centres.

  • Leverages a SaferCity ecosystem to share public facing CCTV cameras between authorised user groups e.g. Customers having shared access to other nearby cameras from Councils, Transportation agencies etc.

  • Enables visual confirmation of verbal statements on 111 calls or first responders handling live incidents.

  • Provides a toolset to assist with community reassurance with respect to safety in public spaces.

Provides asset owners of public facing CCTV cameras the ability to securely view and share these with security companies in a cost effective and secure way

To offer our customers a true turn-key solution we have developed strong relationships throughout the security industry. We have aligned ourselves with First Security, New Zealand’s premier Security Company.  From home to business - local or nationwide – First Security takes pride in getting to know our customers, to design services that meet your unique needs. They understand that no two clients are the same. That means they can offer personalised service across the country's largest integrated security network.

Services include:

  • CCTV Monitoring

  • Mobile Patrols

  • Concierge Services

  • Customer Services

  • Security Officers and Guards

  • Static Guarding

  • Event Security

  • Staff Welfare Checks

  • Internal and External Property Checks


Ice Security will assist by helping you to identify which services you require and arranging our account manager to visit you personally to set up your site.

A pioneer of early alarm monitoring services in 1972, Monitor New Zealand has remained at the forefront of alarm monitoring services for over 40 years. One of the few monitoring companies which have stuck to their core business over the years and enhanced what they do best – we rely on the services of Monitor NZ each and every day to keep our clients and their assets safe. Our first choice for you.

Services include:

  • Alarm Monitoring via Phone Line


  • Alarm Monitoring via Internet


  • Alarm Monitoring via Cellular Network


  • Email, TXT Alerts and Internet Access


  • Smart Phone Monitoring Applications


  • Basic Alarms to Multiple Area ACID Systems

In order for ICE Security to provide high performance ANPR and Cloud Based CCTV services to our clients, we needed to establish a high level working relationship with a top performing networking specialist. After connecting multiple sites through the Fusion Managed WAN we have developed a great relationship and ongoing respect for what the team at Fusion have achieved.

‘Fusion has invested heavily in the development of our own infrastructure, enabling us to provide completely customised WAN solutions. Not only do we deliver and manage our own networks; all our services are fully monitored and managed by our in-house senior network operations team. This team also controls our range of  in-house and best practice monitoring and performance related tools.

Services include:

  • Data circuits – including Fibre UFB VDSL and DSL


  • Business grade uncapped internet


  • Custom national WAN configuration between sites, data centres and the Internet


  • Hosted firewalls and VPN security solutions


  • Custom design of network architecture