What we do…

  • Inspect: We inspect electrical appliances for safety, unsafe deterioration, damage (sharp edges, controls missing), etc.

  • Test: We undertake electrical testing of appliances for fire and electrical safety to the NZS 3760 standard.

  • Tag: We tag compliant appliances with an appropriate tag for the environment (medium or heavy-duty tags) to confirm the appliance has been tested to the NZS 3760 standard.

  • Fail: We tag any non-compliant appliances that fail our testing with a ‘DANGER’ tag for your safety, and refer them to you for repair or replacement.

  • Report: We provide a report listing the number of appliances tested and the number failed, complete with recommendations.

  • Certify: We provide a certificate to say the site has been tested to the standard. This can be used as part of your OSH compliance.

  • Asset Register: We prepare an asset register if you require one.

  • Retain: We protect you by retaining back-up copies of all reports for 7 years.

  • Remind: We provide a free reminder service to let you know when your appliances are due for re-testing (as per NZS 3760).