'MIGRATING YOUR CCTV INTO THE DIGITAL AGE'


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CCTV Recorders, both Analog and IP, along with NAS, RAID and these days Video Analytic and LPR Servers have traditionally been an asset owned and managed by the client. This ownership is a long - term liability and even with the most robust Preventative Maintenance Plans in place – this equipment will always be outdated, superseded and eventually replaced.

​With the deployment of Fibre Networks throughout NZ many services have gone to the Cloud (off site server management). Why should CCTV be any different? With the correct installation design and planning your CCTV system can now be hosted and managed in the ICESEC CCTV Cloud.

Benefits of moving your CCTV to the Cloud


        Fully Managed CCTV Server including updates, maintenance and repairs

RAID 1 mirroring solution for all cameras

        Limited costs associated with service call to site   

Cameras firmware upgrades and user requested changes made off site

        Server located in secure data centre with fail over protection

        Third party integration add-ons available through our servers eg. People Counting, ANPR

        Customised user interfacing via Client Software from any location for multiple logons

        Customised reporting, user logging, disk management and CPU management

It is no longer neccessary to have your CCTV server located in any one location. Let the ICE Security ICE Security CCTV Cloud Server help you take control of your CCTV now and into the future. For entry level system of 4 cameras to multiple sites connected through existing or new WAN with hundreds of cameras – ICE Security can migrate your CCTV system into the Digital Age.

Benefits of Leasing


Conserve cash and manage cash flows

No Capex approvals or Capital Cases necessary

Flexibility to update to new technology at any time



Hosted CCTV Servers located in the Vocus Albany Data Centre

DigiFort Professional Video Management Platform

Minimum 30 days recording

External access from any PC, Mobile phone device with unlimited concurrent sessions

DigiFort Professional Client software available from our website

Ongoing server maintenance and updates

24/7 alerts customised to site eg. camera offline etc

Technical support, training etc

Customisable user interfacing eg. limiting user access etc

Offsite programming and configuration of cameras before installation

3 year warrantee on all cameras

Faulty cameras will be configured off site and couriered to site for re-installation (Plug and Play)





Fusion Networks Managed Firewall Protection and DFAS Network

Managed WAN connectivity from 100mbit/s to 1000mbit/s

No CCTV storage on site – fully protected from server theft or damage

2mVA UPS Backup with additional Backup of 2mVA generators in case of power outage

Similar grade security to Government, Transport and Police networks

Servers protected within International Standard Data Centre

Multiple Network, ISP and Fibre Redundancies


  • Corporate Offices

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Shopping Centres

  • Commercial Centres

  • Town Centres

  • Universities

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Factories

  • Warehousing

  • Food Production